Himalaya Oil for Arthritis Pain Relief

Himalaya Pain Relief Oil

This pain relief oil contains scientifically proven herbs for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Formulated with Sweet Flag, Cedar tree extract and Drumstick Himalaya Pain reliever oil provides relief from all types of arthritis pain and neuromuscular pain.

Key Ingredients

Cedarwood or Amara

Cedarwood oil and its compounds have been scientifically tested in human and animal studies for its medicinal benefits. Compounds found in cedarwood oil are cedrine, thujopsene and cedrol. These compounds as proven to have below properties:

  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • diuretic
  • antifungal
  • insecticidal

The antispasmodic properties help relieve pain caused by spasms related ailments. This includes but not limited to spasms of respiratory system, muscles, intestines, nerves and heart.

Country Mallow or Bala

This herb is known as Bala in Ayurveda. It is also called malva blanca in Brazilian alternative medicine. In brazil it is used for the treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa, nasal congestion and asthmatic bronchitis, blennorrhea, stomatitis, nasal congestion and asthma. This is also used for the many respiratory related ailments.

A research study, published in ScienceDirect, investigated anti-inflammatory properties of this herb. Another study has been conducted for effects of preventing cell proliferation. Bala is also known for encouraging liver re-growth.

Country Mallow contains ephedrine compounds because of which it possesses psychostimulant
properties. Compounds with this properties affects the heart and central nervous system.

Drumstick or Shigru

This herbs is known in herbal world for its wide range of uses for multiple ailments. Gum extracted from drumstick tree has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties which reduces pain.

Ginger or Sunthi

Several research studies have identified ginger a highly effective pain reliever because of its anti-inflammatory nature. Ginger also acts as a stimulant and heating agent which relieves body swelling.

Sweet Flag

This is known for its analgesic, nervine tonic properties and spasmolytic properties, which helps in pain management.

How to Use Himalaya Pain Relief Oil

Apply to affected area. Massage gently if possible. If pain is severe and massage is not possible then simply apply and spread with cotton.

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