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Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati makes our breathing system very strong and is an effective medicine to remove all types of infections in our body. Tulsi is used to make this medicine. Elements like anti-oxidant, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, fiber and beta-kerotin in basil make this remedy even more powerful. It is due to these qualities that Tulsi is included as a main ingredient in the Divya Tulsi Ghana vati. People of all ages can take this remedy. Now let us see the ailments we can get rid of by taking this medicine.

• Removes all problems related to digestion.
• Cold relieves cold cough.
• Removes the problem of bad odor from the mouth.
• Nail is useful to remove pimples and blemishes.
• Special to relieve the discomfort of fever. This medicine is especially suitable for children as it works as an anti-bacterial medicine.
• It is special for patients with diabetes. Because it has the property to keep insulin in level.
• Apart from this, it works well in the problem of cold, cold, cough, and also removes this problem.

Benefits of Tulsi Ghanvati

• Basil is considered a perfect herb for the treatment of chronic stomach infection. Consuming this drug removes all the dirt stored in our stomach and makes our stomach healthy. And we eliminate all the diseases related to our stomach from the root.
• Consumption of this medicine greatly increases our immunity. By its use, our breath-related diseases like asthma, cough and problems like cough are cured.
• Consumption of this medicine is considered very beneficial for children. Because the immune system of many children is very weak. This is why children fall prey to diseases like cold, cough and pneumonia very quickly. In case of this type of problem, you should take Divine Tulsi Ghan vati to your children. By taking this, your child becomes completely sick.
• Divya Tulsi Ghan vati provides strength and energy to the body. This medicine makes our body blood circulation fine.
• This medicine cleanses your blood and also makes our lungs healthy. At the same time, it also relieves our skin, fever and irritation.
• Regular intake of this medicine helps in solving obesity and all kinds of problems of our body. To lose weight, it should be taken with water and honey.

How to use Tulsi Ghanvati?

This medicine should be consumed twice a day. One morning after dinner and the other after dinner. By taking this drug with lukewarm water, you can get quick and good results of this medicine. If you are using it to lose weight. So you should consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. Which will give you good results.

Side effects of Divya Ghan Vati

There are no side effects of any kind to our body by taking this medicine. Because this medicine is made from natural herbs, this drug should be consumed as mentioned. This remedy is beneficial for people of all ages. The best effect of this drug is on the pregnant women.

Breast feeding women can also use this drug. Administration of this natural remedy increases immunity in their body.