Shri Shri Pinda Tails

Shri Shri Pinda Tails

Sri Sri Ayurveda Pinda Taila is an important ayurvedic medicine used for the
treatment of Gout. Though it is used as a treatment option for gout, it shows
good effect over arthritic conditions as well. The combination of all the
classical ingredients brings relief from pain in gout/gout like conditions and
provide the body a detoxifying effect.

Manjistha is considered the best herb
for blood purification. Pinda Taila constitutes of manjishtha which is
traditionally used to support the immune system by cleansing the blood. It can
be used for Vata and Pitta dominant skin conditions such as acne, hives,
scabies, boils, wounds and skin lesions.

Sariva with its cooling, sweet and bitter flavors and affinity for rakta dhatu clears inflammation from the skin.
It ‘cleans’ the blood, reduces lymphatic swellings.

Sarjarasa corrects the damage of the cells and aids in wound healing. Sesame oil and castor oil act as analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent. Pinda Taila on regular massages would aid in quick healing from the pain pertaining to gout conditions.

How to use Sri Sri Pinda Taila?

Used externally for Abhyanga. Regular usage of this oil (externally) helps to pacify the gout.

Ingrediesnts of Shri Shri Pinda Taila

Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Sarjarasa (Shorea robusta), Beeswax and Tila Taila (Sesamum indicum)

Use of Pinda Taila

Pain due to vatarakta (gout) Burning sensation.

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