Spirulina: Why it is A Wonder Herb?

Spirulina, used by NASA astronauts in space, is popular amongst dietician for its natural effects on weight control. It is naturally grown bluish green algae. Dieticians across the world think of it as super therapeutic food because of its richness of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Spirulina Nutritional Facts

Spirulina is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals which puts Spirulina on top of the list of recommended dietary supplements. It is also used by NASA astronauts as a dietary supplement in space. According to USA National Institute of Health, it has ability to modulate immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. In a controlled systematic review, Spirulina also showed an anticancer, antiallergic, hypo-cholesterolemic and antiviral effects

20 calories
1.67 gram carbohydrate
4.02 gram protein
0.54 gram fat
2 mg iron
8 mg calcium
14 mg magnesium
95 mg potassium
8 mg phosphorus
73 mg sodium
0.7 mg vitamin C

Spirulina and Weight Loss

Lowering calorie is the basic most steps of all the diet plans for weight loss. Spirulina is considered best bet for weight loss as it is low in calorie. And being rich in nutrition, it provides daily vitamins and proteins need of the body. People administered Spirulina for three months shows improvements in their body mass index.

Spirulina and Diabetes

According to a study result at USA National Institute of Health, spirulina as a hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic agent which helps in lowering blood sugar level. Higer sugar level is major issue in people suffering from Type 1 and 2 diabetes. In a 2017 animal study mice with type 1 diabetes were given spirulina extract. The mice showed lowered blood sugar, higher insulin levels and improved liver enzyme. The antioxidant effect of spirulina is also helpful in treating type 1 diabetes. In a controlled medical study on mice

Lowering cholesterol
Another therapeutic property of Spirulina is anti hypo-cholesterolemic. Meaning, it controls the cholesterol level. It proven that Spirulinna reduce level of bad cholesterol in blood. It also increases the level of good cholesterol i.e. HDL.